Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hunky Easter

In case you missed it yesterday afternoon, here's the Hunky Jesus contest put together by the Sisters Of Perpetual Indulgence.

Celebrating 32 years of Perpetual Indulgence, every year at Easter the Sisters gather at Dolores Park to help raise money for a cause of their choice. So yes, there is a reason for abundance of Hunky... uh... Jesuses? Jesusi? What's plural for Jesus?

The two finalist: Jesus Effin' Christ, and THEE Hunky Jesus. Um, you know who my vote went to. Jesus Effin' Christ ended up winning, but we all know who the winner in my eyes is :).

THEE Hunky Jesus with Sister Roma and along with another sister.

And just because I have a soft spot for dogs... Here's one that kept playing with Antoine and I.

There was also an Easter Bonnet contest, which I ended up missing. Otherwise, I would have taken more festive Easter pictures. Always next year, right? HAPPY EASTER EVERYBODY!

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