Friday, April 29, 2011

Constituent Parts

It's nice to have such talented friends! My friend Cameron invited me to a fashion show who he made a couple of designs for, along with 3 other local fashion designers.

Constituent Parts - An Independent Fashion Show was held at the Minna Gallery last night. It showcased 4 designers, 2 of them being menswear, the other 2 being womenswear. The fashion shows I've been going to consisted mainly of womens fashion, so it was refreshing to see some mens clothing, a lot of which I wanted to steal right off the model's backs.

Bumped into my friend Conrad, who I haven't seen in awhile. We joked about how we love the fact that we don't always wear socks with our shoes. What? We like the way it looks.

I've always liked the Minna Gallery. I've been here a good couple times and always enjoyed the events they would hold here. I think it's just a cool space over all for shows of any kind.

Justin Jamison

Rachel Puolos

Cameron Stewart

Autie Carlisle

My favorite designs came from my friend Cameron (but not because we're friends, promise!) and Autie Carlisle. I like the construction of their designs and how they executed the show over all. But of course, all 4 designers did well.

Cameron with one of his models. P.s. - Cameron, if you're reading this... I'm still waiting for a jacket!

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  1. Kiiim, nice write up on the show. You have a gift for expression through words. Twila(Cameron's mom).