Friday, April 29, 2011

Constituent Parts

It's nice to have such talented friends! My friend Cameron invited me to a fashion show who he made a couple of designs for, along with 3 other local fashion designers.

Constituent Parts - An Independent Fashion Show was held at the Minna Gallery last night. It showcased 4 designers, 2 of them being menswear, the other 2 being womenswear. The fashion shows I've been going to consisted mainly of womens fashion, so it was refreshing to see some mens clothing, a lot of which I wanted to steal right off the model's backs.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hunky Easter

In case you missed it yesterday afternoon, here's the Hunky Jesus contest put together by the Sisters Of Perpetual Indulgence.

Celebrating 32 years of Perpetual Indulgence, every year at Easter the Sisters gather at Dolores Park to help raise money for a cause of their choice. So yes, there is a reason for abundance of Hunky... uh... Jesuses? Jesusi? What's plural for Jesus?

The two finalist: Jesus Effin' Christ, and THEE Hunky Jesus. Um, you know who my vote went to. Jesus Effin' Christ ended up winning, but we all know who the winner in my eyes is :).

THEE Hunky Jesus with Sister Roma and along with another sister.

And just because I have a soft spot for dogs... Here's one that kept playing with Antoine and I.

There was also an Easter Bonnet contest, which I ended up missing. Otherwise, I would have taken more festive Easter pictures. Always next year, right? HAPPY EASTER EVERYBODY!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Folsom 150 Art Collective

Open space + live music + art + booze + huge garage party type vibe = last nights event held at Dimension 7 Studio located at 150 Folsom street. I love art shows, especially when they're displaying local talent. Frankie invited me to check out his friend's paintings that were being displayed, among other local artists work.

Frankie's friend Mckenzie (who's art was being displayed) doodling on tables. You can make art anywhere!

Quote by Hunter S. Thompson. Funny thing is it's backwards from the original quote, which should be "Sex without love is as hollow and ridiculous as love without sex". Still works though, I guess?

Keeping people entertained with some live music and dancing. Lots of dancing. I rarely go to the end of Folsom, so was surprised to find D7 here, across the street from a swanky restaurant, which D7 is the total opposite of swanky. I'm not exactly sure what Dimension 7 is when it's not hosting art shows, but I loved the overall vibe of the place. Garage party meets underground art show.

Full house. Check out D7 at 150 Folsom to see what other events they'll have going on in the future. And don't forget to support your local/indie artists!

P.s. - Tomorrow's Easter... Anyone else going to the Hunky Jesus contest tomorrow at Dolores Park?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Jeanology 101

I remember in my teenage years, I would wear my jeans 2 sizes to big and wear an accommodating t-shirt to match the bagginess. Needless to say I was SWIMMING in my clothes. Why couldn't Jeanology exist in back then?

Jeanology was an event held at Pigment Cosmetics in the SoMa area that featured Joe's Jeans as the main guest, and gave the general public a "tutorial" on jean fitting and ideas to wear them.