Sunday, March 27, 2011

I Wish My Closet Looked Like The Balenciaga Exhibit...

... Okay, not really. But I know plenty of women (and men) who would. With a collection of vintage dresses, jackets, hats, and gowns dating from the 1940's, can you blame them? The Balenciaga And Spain exhibit is now showing at the de Young Museum until the 4th of July, and showcases a wide collection made by Spanish Basque designer Cristóbal Balenciaga.

The exhibit, which was curated by European Vogue Editor at Large Hamish Bowles (who attended de Young's donor gala Thursday night), follows Balenciaga's career through a 120 piece retrospective collection, which is fabulous enough to inspire any man or woman to step their wardrobe game up. I know it did for me, at least. Who wants to contribute to my Balenciaga wardrobe fund?

I was lucky enough to be invited to the opening party Saturday night by my lovely friend Vicky, who shares the same love for fashion (or just clothes in general!) as me. The gala was hosted by Art Point, an organization dedicated to the interest of the fine arts of San Francisco. Ms. V and I pictured above enjoying the event.

The event was a blast! And of course the best part was getting a tour and seeing the Balenciaga exhibit itself. Raised front dresses, religion influences, light fabrics, and odd/modern shapes. Another thing obviously noticeable was his influence from the culture of Spain. Dresses with long trains, ruffles, capes like flamenco dancers.

Being the Anna Wintour (who was also at a gala held Thursday night at the de Young) fashion expert that I am NOT, I could still see his garments being 10 years ahead of his time. Even 50 years ahead, since a lot of the looks would still be worn by women today. I loved the Yves Saint Laurent exhibit that was shown a couple years ago, so I knew I would enjoy this one as well.

Ms. V looking lovely with hat fabulous enough to put Aretha Franklin's inaugural hat to shame! Loves it!

Oh yeah, talking about hats, I met a couple interesting people last night, one being Melissa A. Bolin, founder of Kitty Andrews Millinery. She's a millinery (can you tell by her hat?) who makes these elegant hats with a modern twist to them, which I love! Check out her website HERE, and see for yourself. My favorite is the bridal hat. I might have to get married just so I can wear it.

It's been awhile since I pulled out this velvet blazer. Couldn't think of a better time to wear this jacket. Which I adore. I need to find more reasons to wear this. Ugh. So much fun. I'm not a sucker for gift shop souvenirs or anything, but there is an awesome Balenciaga book that I'll be returning for soon.

Not that you should have to rush to see Balenciaga's work since it'll be shown until July 4th, but get your dose of fashion at the Balenciaga And Spain exhibit showing right now at the de Young. You won't be disappointed!

Special thank you to my partner in crime/Around the Bay Gal Xtine for letting me borrow her camera that night. Unfortunately, my point and shoot is broken and I wasn't going to bring my big SLR camera... Didn't want to ruin my outfit, DUH!

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