Sunday, March 20, 2011

Calling All Jackson Pollocks

So alas, another year passed and the time has come to celebrate my birthday once again. Your NoShookHands blog boy (er.. man?) is officially 26 years old. Four years away from being 30! Lets all freak out now.

In the midst of the festivities (which I am still trying to recover from, by the way), I decided to celebrate my birthday with something a little different. I rented out a time slot at 4 Cats Art Studio in Potrero Hill for a little painting time with a couple of friends.

4 Cats Art Studio is a pretty big franchise in Canada, however the one in San Francisco is the only one in the United States at the moment. The studio is geared for younger kids, but they do adult/corporate parties as well. Which, after attending the "paint splatter" session, I highly recommend.

Flowing pink champagne + splatter painting = cool art which people can't even tell you've made drunk! Tons of fun.

Dale, the owner of the Potrero Hill location (and who also shares the same birthday as me... Happy Birthday, Dale!) along with his assistant, Morgan, were fabulous and helpful in every way in the whole process.

Basically, after the initial set up of the paint and supplies, you get taken into this big splatter room where you get crazy with all your colors. Again, which is easy to do with pink champagne at 2 in the afternoon. Voila! The ending results.

This is me, getting my Jackson Pollock on. Every color is placed in a specified spot on the canvas and my technique was very strategic. Can you tell?

The big canvas we all worked on for myself, which I'm planning to have stretched and hung once I move into a bigger space. Dale was also kind enough to let me choose anything from his studio for me to take home as a gift. Thank you, Dale!

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes, gifts, hugs, and kisses! You guys sure do know how to make a gal feel special! Here's to another year... Cheers!

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday! Glad it was great for my fellow Pisces!