Monday, March 28, 2011

BS Alert In San Francisco

Oh you know... Just a typical Sunday morning in San Francisco, heading to the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium to see Britney Spears perform. You know, just the norm.

Okay, I wish. My Sundays are usually consisted of doing laundry while listening to Britney in my iPod touch, not actually seeing her perform 15 feet from me.

Thanks to Jon and his rep at ABC News, he scored us 2 v.i.p. floor tickets, where we pretty much felt Ms. Spears sweat on us! And it was awesome.

Ms. "Hit-me-baby-one-more-time" herself made her way to San Francisco to film Good Morning America's Spring Concert Series at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. About a month prior to her coming, she actually announced that her performance was going to be in the Castro District, in front of the beloved movie theatre. Which would have been great because it would've been a hop and a skip away from my apartment.

Ms. Spears wasn't the only diva in the Bill Graham Auditorium yesterday. San Francisco Queens: Juanita MORE!, Donna Sachet, Sister Roma, Heklina, and MY personal favorite, Pollo Del Mar a.k.a. Queen Of All SF Media.

We're sooooo excited! And we just can't hide it! There were free 6,000 tickets given out (through Ticketmaster) and they were gone in about 14 minutes! The power of Pop Divas, I tell ya.

One hour, 3 costume changes. Since this was a filming for Good Morning America, we knew how the routine was going to go: she'll perform a song, then do 15 minute costume/set change, come out and perform another song, and repeat the process one more time. But considering the mini show was free and it's Godney... or Britney, I mean... it was worth the hour spent.

Bee-tee-dubs, Can I just say that I am OBSESSED with "Till The World Ends". It has been on repeat the last 2 weeks.

Try to find me tomorrow on Good Morning America's Concert Series! Airing on ABC at 7am. I'll be 3 rows from the front center stage wearing white!

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