Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pop Pop Pop

Noise Pop started a couple days ago! How fun!

Noise Pop Festival? Well, it's basically like a week long Treasure Island/Outside Lands type of thing, but instead of all the musicians/artists/filmmakers congregating at Treasure Island or Golden Gate Park, there's a slew of little events in different venues throughout the city. Different venues like bars, theatres, music venues, etcetera etcetera.

Since it's been a hot minute from the last show/concert/anything-with-live-music event I've been to, I decided to check out the opening night at Benders in the Mission. Unfortunately I couldn't stay long, but I did make it in time to catch Dirty Ghosts play.

Fun fact: For all you "underground hip hop heads" out there, the lead guitarist/singer is the wife of rapper Aesop Rock. I'm not familiar with Aesops Rock's music or underground hip hop in general, but all I can say is that his wife's band is pretty amaze-balls.

Missed the first couple days of Noise Pop? It's okay because the festivities are continuing for the rest of the week. Until February 27th to be exact. Check the Noise Pop website for the schedule of future events and fun.

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