Friday, February 18, 2011

I Sorta Want To Go Shopping Now

The Summit coffee shop in La Mission held a little Project San Francisco event Thursday night. Project San Francisco was basically a showcase of about 5 clothing designers collections, reigning from local talent around the Bay Area. I was impressed by a lot of the clothes that were shown! Not to be slept on, ya'll.

Gracie and her lovely cousin Moa, who was visiting from Korea, and who also happens to be a designer herself back in her home country.

Moa's hot pants and adorable shoes.

Antoine enjoying his Black Orchid cocktail. Love the bag?

From the Elizabeth Kay collection. Soooo, I'm kind of in love with this outfit. It's cute and I guess because it's perfect for the type of weather we've been having these last couple days. Brrr!

I'm also in love with this knitted top from Revelation by M.E., whom I mentioned in an earlier post during the SF's Fashion Feud. Myrda and Eloisa's collection did great on the runway, and the clothes looked even more amazing on live people. Myrda mentioned that her and Eloisa's collection was chosen to be part of some big show that's going to be held in Fort Mason this coming April. Exciting! Keep a look out for that. Check out their awesome website for more goodies like this to have of your own.

Front to back, front to back.

This is one of the reason's why I love living in San Francisco... There's usually some nifty show to go on any given night. Nifty shows with an open bar, at that :). By the way, did I mention I want to go shopping now? Because I still totally do. Anyone want to contribute to my shopping funds?

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