Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pop Pop Pop

Noise Pop started a couple days ago! How fun!

Noise Pop Festival? Well, it's basically like a week long Treasure Island/Outside Lands type of thing, but instead of all the musicians/artists/filmmakers congregating at Treasure Island or Golden Gate Park, there's a slew of little events in different venues throughout the city. Different venues like bars, theatres, music venues, etcetera etcetera.

Since it's been a hot minute from the last show/concert/anything-with-live-music event I've been to, I decided to check out the opening night at Benders in the Mission. Unfortunately I couldn't stay long, but I did make it in time to catch Dirty Ghosts play.

Fun fact: For all you "underground hip hop heads" out there, the lead guitarist/singer is the wife of rapper Aesop Rock. I'm not familiar with Aesops Rock's music or underground hip hop in general, but all I can say is that his wife's band is pretty amaze-balls.

Missed the first couple days of Noise Pop? It's okay because the festivities are continuing for the rest of the week. Until February 27th to be exact. Check the Noise Pop website for the schedule of future events and fun.

Friday, February 18, 2011

I Sorta Want To Go Shopping Now

The Summit coffee shop in La Mission held a little Project San Francisco event Thursday night. Project San Francisco was basically a showcase of about 5 clothing designers collections, reigning from local talent around the Bay Area. I was impressed by a lot of the clothes that were shown! Not to be slept on, ya'll.

Gracie and her lovely cousin Moa, who was visiting from Korea, and who also happens to be a designer herself back in her home country.

Moa's hot pants and adorable shoes.

Antoine enjoying his Black Orchid cocktail. Love the bag?

From the Elizabeth Kay collection. Soooo, I'm kind of in love with this outfit. It's cute and I guess because it's perfect for the type of weather we've been having these last couple days. Brrr!

I'm also in love with this knitted top from Revelation by M.E., whom I mentioned in an earlier post during the SF's Fashion Feud. Myrda and Eloisa's collection did great on the runway, and the clothes looked even more amazing on live people. Myrda mentioned that her and Eloisa's collection was chosen to be part of some big show that's going to be held in Fort Mason this coming April. Exciting! Keep a look out for that. Check out their awesome website for more goodies like this to have of your own.

Front to back, front to back.

This is one of the reason's why I love living in San Francisco... There's usually some nifty show to go on any given night. Nifty shows with an open bar, at that :). By the way, did I mention I want to go shopping now? Because I still totally do. Anyone want to contribute to my shopping funds?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Our Vast Queer Past

I decided to check out the LGBT History Museum today... the FIRST LGBT museum, that is. It recently opened a couple months ago, and it's conveniently located in the heart of the Castro.

It only costs a mere 5 dollars to check out the museum, and it's worth it in my opinion. There's basically an archive of posters, books, garments, sound recordings, pictures, video clips, etc. The current exhibit they have going one right now is "Our Vast Queer Past: Celebrating GLBT History". I think it's always more interesting to go to any museum with topics you're familiar with. So it was neat getting a glimpse back in time with issues that affect me today in the present.

The museum is quaint, but full of LGBT history. With all this history the LGBT community has in such a short period of time (1960's - present), it's odd that the first LGBT museum is in such a small space (mainly because of profit issues/finding an affordable space). But I thought the exhibits were great, considering the small space they have to work with.

Harvey Milk's Levi's, t-shirt, and megaphone.

My favorite part of the museum? The collection of 70's ephemera they had (match books, fliers, pamphlets).

Support the LGBT History Museum! Make a donation HERE, or check out the museum yourself... Worth the visit!

Monday, February 14, 2011

What Is The Etymology Of "Picnic"?

Happy Valentine's Day! Single or not, I've always liked Valentine's Day. It's totally what you make of it and it's just a fun commercial holiday over all. Nothing says "fun" like tacky decorations and cavity inducing sweets. Since Marc and I both work today, we decided to celebrate V-Day yesterday afternoon by having a picnic at the park... Tanner-family style!

I loved Full House growing up. We made our way to Alamo Square Park and enjoyed the view of the painted ladies that were made famous by the early 90's sitcom. I would die to live in the Full House house. The funny thing is, Alamo Square Park is one of the lesser known parks (compared to Dolores or Golden Gate) despite of the popularity of the show, but I think it's one of the prettiest.

Mmm... Of course we needed dessert, right? I have such a sweet tooth, it's ridiculous.

By the way, shout out to the sunshine for staying out till Sunday. San Francisco has been extremely spoiled by this nice weather we've been having. I'm finding it hard to believe that it is mid February. Sooooo excited for summer! Hope everyone has a lovely Valentine's Day, whatever you decide to do!

On another note: I have a couple posts coming soon for the "Local Flavor" section, one of them being my first item from 7x7's Magazine lists of 100 Great Eats. Check it out!


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Feud At The Rickshaw

I went to SF's Fashion Feud last night. I haven't been to this event since last year. This year, the feuds have been held at the Rickshaw Stop on Van Ness and Fell, opposed to being held at Club Mighty in the SoMa area last year.

Designer busy designing away as her model gets primped up. Just like last year, there's basically 2 designers who have an hour to stylize, design, and sew an outfit for their models, and the best look wins. Think Project Runway with an hour time limit.

Around the Bay Gal Xtine and I hogging the photo booth like it's our own. The highlight of the night.

I ended up running into Myrda, who I haven't seen in a couple months. It was definitely a lovely surprise seeing her. When I first met Myrda, she mentioned that she designed clothes and had a line called Revelation by M.E. designed by herself and her friend Eloisa... So it was awesome seeing their line up close which consisted of tops, dresses and garments that can be transformed into 2-4 different looks. All of which I loved! Perfect for the gal on the run, much like myself! (if I was a gal and all, I mean). Check out their website HERE to get your shop on. My favorite is the Amrita and the suede hobo bag.

The finished looks. Considering the hour time limit, I thought both designers did well. And the winner isssss...

By the way, I'm in love with my B. Scott pullover. Thank you, Azalea for the sale. Oh yeah, the "Local Flavor" section of my blog is finally up and running! Check it out periodically and see what my eating habits are like in the city. Hopefully I'll get my "Style" section going soon.