Sunday, January 9, 2011

You Can Catch Me At The Hot Spot: New People

An hour lunch break and Japan Town being 2 blocks away, I tend to make my way there every so often and wander the random stores. I mean. Who really eats during lunch, right? One of the perks of working in the Fillmore area I guess.

So I took my co-worker/self proclaimed "Italian Mom", Ms. Rossi, to New People in Japan Town for the first time. A couple days before, we were browsing around Union Square for random home decor items, which she loves doing (and secretly, me too), so I thought she might like New People. They pretty much sell a bunch of artsy, smartly designed Japanese knick knacks.

I want everything in this store. Ms. Rossi felt the same way. Luckily, she left her purse back in the office (which she did on purpose) or else she would of left with a bag full of Japanese toys. Smart move!

Ms. Rossi striking a pose... or two! By the way, I really want one of those plant terrariums. But knowing me, it would probably be dead in a month regardless of the minimum care required. Just call me Black Thumb.


  1. Hi Black Thumb <3

    I just realized how cute their wall display looks. I was always looking closely at those little toys that are on the walls, but actually the wall decor itself is pretty cute. Remember I was telling you that I went o Sousou cafe in Kyoto, if I go again I will blog about it :)

  2. oooo... i want socks from Sousou!