Tuesday, October 12, 2010

We Like The Jets... The Jets That Go Boom

What is the best thing about Fleet Week in San Francisco? Okay, if you're counting the sailor boyzz (yes, with 2 z's) that are roaming all over the city as the best thing, what would be the second best thing? The air show, of course.

So I sort of failed in my attempts to find a decent place to check out the Blue Angels. My thinking was to find a hill... any hill. Which I did. Bernal Heights. But considering the fact that Bernal Heights is pretty much on the opposite side of the air show, and also the fact I'm far sighted (sans my glasses that day), all I really saw were dots moving fast.

But the 360 degree view of the city definitely made up for. Consider this place added as a spot to take my mom the next time she comes to visit her son. I'll be better prepared next year... You know, make sure I get close enough to actually make out what the airplanes look like.

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