Wednesday, September 1, 2010

You Can Catch Me At The Hot Spot: Seed Store

There’s been some buzz surrounding SeedStore in the Inner Richmond lately. I haven’t been to my old hood in awhile, so I thought I could kill 2 birds with one stone: frolic and play around Clement Street and check out this new boutique.

"Hello Clement Street” indeed. SeedStore was opened by 2 sisters, one of which who was busy putting out more clothes while I was checking out their store. I talked to her briefly and you can just tell how much hard work they put into their 2 week old store. And it shows! The store looked great, and more importantly, their collection of clothes were great as well. Another shopping trip soon to come? Yep.

Imagine how many vintage shopping trips it took to decor this place up? Not only that, but finding items that work together as well? Time and effort, seriously.

I’m a fan and I’ll be back for those shoes on top of those trunks.

On top of that, it’s right next door to Park Life! So after you check out some cool art, you can check out some cool clothes right next door. SeedStore planted their seeds on and I think they’ll be blossoming soon. Check them out!

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