Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Revisiting A Younger Sibling

I paid a visit to the MoMa last week, checking out their revisit of the last 75 years of art. I know I've been here before, but... Have I been here before!? It's been about a year since I visited SF MoMa (and a year since I've blogged about it), but it felt like I've never stepped into this place. A majority of the art has been switched out through the entire museum, so I pretty much saw everything for the first time.

75 years later and there is still a lot to share. Their "Anniversary Show" is the current exhibit being featured in the museum, showcasing a collection that highlighted moments through the years of the museum. 75 years is a long period of time. Like I mentioned in my post last year, SF MoMa is like the younger sister of NY MoMa, considering it's a lot smaller. But still worth visiting though.

Billy wasn't the only one who couldn't resist touching the golden curtains :). And who knew missing birds were so common? I didn't.

Imagine if laptops didn't exist. I want one of these typewriters. Can I get that in any other colors?

I have a love/hate relationship with modern art. On one hand, I like how the art can be expressed and interpreted in other way besides through paintings, drawings, or other traditional means when we think of the word "art". On the other hand, I look at some pieces and really wonder why it's in the museum in the first place. I'm far from an art critic though, so no haterade sipping over here! I appreciate it either way.

By the way, it’s been exactly one year since I've had this blog. Happy Birthday, Sorry I Couldn't Make It To Your Party. Thank you for being a source of therapy to me in the last year... Cheers to keeping me sane!

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