Thursday, September 16, 2010

Not So Much Cali-Fornia Love

With the 14th year anniversary death of Tupac Shakur a couple days ago, you would expect to feel the California love up and down the coast of the Golden State, right? WRONG! At least that wasn’t the case when I attended the SF Giants vs. the L.A. Dodgers game a couple days ago. What happened to that Bay to L.A. love?

Living in San Francisco for about 5 years now, I have never been to a Giants game. Okay, okay… So I never actually have been to a professional baseball game at all. I’m not exactly a baseball fan (or sports fan in general) to begin with. But what better way to loose my first baseball game virginity then attending a Giants vs. Dodgers game, right?

Tony, Mark, Jenn, and Tiff observing, while answering my 48239043 questions I had about the game. Did I mention this was my first baseball game EVER?

Is it kind of lame that one of the highlights of my night was buying a Giants hat? Like I said… FIRST GAME EVER! So you know I also had to get a hot dog. Okay, I lied. I got two.

I had a blast, although we did loose. To bad I didn’t get into it sooner considering the season is almost over… Maybe I’ll get into football now? Okay, maybe not.

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