Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mademoiselle Tells All

You meet the most interesting people in San Francisco. Like this fortune teller reading Tonya and Mikey’s tarot cards.

What does it read?

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that this looker into futures can be found in the back of Lone Star Saloon, which is a gay bear bar in the SoMa area. Like I said, you meet the most interesting people in this city.

Guess who will be basking in Southern California’s hot sun this weekend? Me! But I guess if you were Mademoiselle, you would’ve known that, right? See you down south!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pink Sunday

I’ve never seen so much pink in my life. And I’m not a big fan of the color. But for the Susan G. Komen’s Race for the Cure, I was all about the pink as if I were a tween girl obsessing over the Twilight series.

Having family members that have been affected by breast cancer, I decided to show my support by participating in this past Sunday’s events. Like the thousands of people who participated, I walked/ran/skipped/jogged/scooted along the Embarcadero for a common cause. And I’m happy I did!

We made it to the finish line. Go us!


Some people ran for a cure. I walked for one. Slowly, at that. What can I say, it’s the support that counts, right? Count me in for next year. I’ll be sure to have some fierce pink ensemble à la Molly Ringwald circa 1986.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Revisiting A Younger Sibling

I paid a visit to the MoMa last week, checking out their revisit of the last 75 years of art. I know I've been here before, but... Have I been here before!? It's been about a year since I visited SF MoMa (and a year since I've blogged about it), but it felt like I've never stepped into this place. A majority of the art has been switched out through the entire museum, so I pretty much saw everything for the first time.

75 years later and there is still a lot to share. Their "Anniversary Show" is the current exhibit being featured in the museum, showcasing a collection that highlighted moments through the years of the museum. 75 years is a long period of time. Like I mentioned in my post last year, SF MoMa is like the younger sister of NY MoMa, considering it's a lot smaller. But still worth visiting though.

Billy wasn't the only one who couldn't resist touching the golden curtains :). And who knew missing birds were so common? I didn't.

Imagine if laptops didn't exist. I want one of these typewriters. Can I get that in any other colors?

I have a love/hate relationship with modern art. On one hand, I like how the art can be expressed and interpreted in other way besides through paintings, drawings, or other traditional means when we think of the word "art". On the other hand, I look at some pieces and really wonder why it's in the museum in the first place. I'm far from an art critic though, so no haterade sipping over here! I appreciate it either way.

By the way, it’s been exactly one year since I've had this blog. Happy Birthday, Sorry I Couldn't Make It To Your Party. Thank you for being a source of therapy to me in the last year... Cheers to keeping me sane!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Not So Much Cali-Fornia Love

With the 14th year anniversary death of Tupac Shakur a couple days ago, you would expect to feel the California love up and down the coast of the Golden State, right? WRONG! At least that wasn’t the case when I attended the SF Giants vs. the L.A. Dodgers game a couple days ago. What happened to that Bay to L.A. love?

Living in San Francisco for about 5 years now, I have never been to a Giants game. Okay, okay… So I never actually have been to a professional baseball game at all. I’m not exactly a baseball fan (or sports fan in general) to begin with. But what better way to loose my first baseball game virginity then attending a Giants vs. Dodgers game, right?

Tony, Mark, Jenn, and Tiff observing, while answering my 48239043 questions I had about the game. Did I mention this was my first baseball game EVER?

Is it kind of lame that one of the highlights of my night was buying a Giants hat? Like I said… FIRST GAME EVER! So you know I also had to get a hot dog. Okay, I lied. I got two.

I had a blast, although we did loose. To bad I didn’t get into it sooner considering the season is almost over… Maybe I’ll get into football now? Okay, maybe not.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I Had An "Eat Pray Love" Moment

More emphasis on the EAT part though. After watching “Eat Pray Love” starring Julia Roberts, I’ve been hankering to get my carbohydrate fix with Italian food. If you haven’t seen the movie, Miss Roberts basically eats her heart out during her stay in Italy. Considering I’m no where close to being a billionaire jet setter, I can’t really just hop in my G6 and make a trip to Italy this weekend to fulfill my craving. So what’s the next best thing? A visit to North Beach.

Steps of Rome Trattoria (Columbus and Grant Street). Bruschetta and prosciutto. Mmm.

Gnocchi and basil, shrimp fettuccine alfredo, pesto gnocchi. My coworkers, Anastasia, Tina, and Joann. The funny thing is, I didn’t realize how much history and food there was in North Beach until Miss Tina, who lives in the neighborhood and is a true Italian herself, was telling me all about it. Her family owns Gino & Carlo, a bar with lots of character and history located in North Beach as well.

We had to end with some gelato. Strawberry sorbet, coconut cream, Crème brûlée, and chocolate cream.

Did I mention how much I love gnocchi? Yeah, I think I ate enough to feed a third world country.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Under 25 Bucks

You’re broke and feel a strong urge to go shopping... What’s a gal to do?

Okay, so I’m not exactly in penny pinching mode, but being a recent college graduate, I’m not having Carrie Bradshaw-esque shopping trips either. No matter how much Ke$ha makes me feel like P. Diddy when I wake up in the morning, I’m not waking up with P. Diddy type money in my bank account.

This is when the almighty thrift store comes and saves the day. Thank god for The Mission, because they’re scattered all over the neighborhood (or all over San Francisco, for that matter). Mission Thrift is probably one of my favorites, just for the mere fact that it’s organized well. And their quality of clothes isn’t too bad either (meaning not everything looks super worn out).

Shoes found in Thrift Town. The thing about thrifting is that it takes time. Rummaging through all the clothes, making sure they’re no major stains on them, finding something that fits correctly… the whole process takes time. Personally, I like to have an idea of what I’m looking for, so it makes browsing a lot easier. Oh yeah, having lazy Sundays off where you’re free to do whatever doesn't hurt either.

Old Samsonite briefcase. The funny thing is, my dad totally had one of these back in the 70’s.

I went thrift shopping with Frankie the other day. We played a little game where we had to make a complete outfit for 25 dollars or under. He won considering I only found half an outfit.

Vintage Levi’s button up with a stripped shirt I found. Grand total: 8 bucks. With some nip/tuck from my sewing machine, it wasn’t so bad for half an outfit if you ask me :).

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

You Can Catch Me At The Hot Spot: Seed Store

There’s been some buzz surrounding SeedStore in the Inner Richmond lately. I haven’t been to my old hood in awhile, so I thought I could kill 2 birds with one stone: frolic and play around Clement Street and check out this new boutique.

"Hello Clement Street” indeed. SeedStore was opened by 2 sisters, one of which who was busy putting out more clothes while I was checking out their store. I talked to her briefly and you can just tell how much hard work they put into their 2 week old store. And it shows! The store looked great, and more importantly, their collection of clothes were great as well. Another shopping trip soon to come? Yep.

Imagine how many vintage shopping trips it took to decor this place up? Not only that, but finding items that work together as well? Time and effort, seriously.

I’m a fan and I’ll be back for those shoes on top of those trunks.

On top of that, it’s right next door to Park Life! So after you check out some cool art, you can check out some cool clothes right next door. SeedStore planted their seeds on and I think they’ll be blossoming soon. Check them out!