Friday, July 9, 2010

No Cocktails In The Rainforest Exhibit

Which sounds more appealing:
A) 20+ dollars admission, long lines, plethora of loud children.
B) half priced admission, grown ups, cocktails, music.

B, Final answer! Instead of paying 20+ dollars to enter the Academy of Science, you can get in for half that price and have a cocktail at the same time. After my membership expired, I realized it's more cost efficient to go to their Nightlife At The Academy on Thursday nights.

Thomas and Frankie catching virtual butterflies. Every Thursday night, the Academy features a certain exhibit/musician/lecture for the 21 and up crowd in the evenings. Which is a good opportunity for the 9-5ers who have never been. For the most part, a majority of the exhibits are open, although some close early (ie: the rain forest exhibit). And the best part is you can avoid the little kids who tend to be there in the day time. Hooray for 21+ events!

Drag queens have the fiercest shoes.

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