Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Gold Machine Guns Everywhere

My friend LaKee (who has a fun blog at check it out!) invited me to a show held at Horatius in Potrero Hill a couple weeks ago. LaKee put the bass in his walk as he strutted down the runway for a couple of the fashion shows looks.

The Marching Revolution show was full of designs inspired by the whole military scene. I was expecting a bunch of high top boots and military style jackets, but that wasn't the case at all. You could see the military/army inspiration without it being stereotypical. I enjoyed it a lot.

LaKee werkin' it. GET IT, GOORRLL! Lakee carried a gold machine gun (fake, obviously) throughout the show which I wanted. Can I borrow that outfit? haha!

Despite it being 1/4 into the month, just wanted to say... HAPPY JUNE! Summer is slowly creeping upon us, and I love it.