Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sunday. Stacks. Stuffed.

Happy Mothers Day! My mom was planning on coming up here for lunch, but with the not so perfect weather, she decided to stay home. Either way, I love you mom, and everyday is Mother's Day in my book.

I went to visit Chihiro at her new digs in Hayes Valley (which is super cute) and decided to grab brunch at Stacks down the street in honor of our mommas.

I've heard mix things about Stacks, but what is there not to like about REALLY heavy food that's bound to give you heartburn? I'm really glad Miss Imamura took me here, coming back for sure whenever my inner chubby girl wants to come out.

Bisquits and gravy. Chihiro could hardly contain her excitement as you can see.

Tums, please. I love lazy Sundays.

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