Sunday, April 4, 2010

Not So Much Laguna Beach, But Still...

The month of March has been extremely busy, hence the reason why I haven't had a chance to be by a computer long enough to blog. I spent the last week and a half of March moving out of the Sunset and into a new neighborhood of San Francisco! (One of the many reasons I've been missing in action)... I'll get into details sometime soon.

One thing I loved about the Sunset is that the beach was just a hop and a skip away.

...Granted, Ocean Beach isn't exactly like Laguna Beach on MTV (I prefer Bakers Beach, personally), but it really is nice on super warm days. So when the weather was in the mid 70's last week, I had to take advantage and have one last romp in the Sunset.

Such a cute picture. Bella lifting up Antoine as Roxy and Frankie spectate in the background. P.s. - This picture reminds me of Street Fighter... when someone gets kicked in the air. Haha.

I'll miss living by the beach :(.

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