Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cherry Cherry

The Cherry Blossom Festival is taking place this weekend in Japan Town. I decided to make a quick stop since the weather was considerably pleasant today. Surprisingly, there weren't many cherry blossoms in sight, which I was pretty bummed out about.

I'm usually in Japan Town for lunch about once a week, since I work by the area. It's usually dead during the weekdays, so it was nice to see the area full of people. I always thought the Pagoda looked a little futuristic and out of place... Reminds me of spaceships stacked on top of each other.

I'm adding this chandelier to my bucket list of things to own before I die.

Decorated with flowers, fruit, and pink teddy bears. Gaudiness at its finest and I loves it! Found in New People on Post and Webster.

Also added to my bucket list: own a pika pika machine in my apartment.

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