Sunday, March 21, 2010

Birthday Wishes, Kisses, And Everything In Between

This Pisces has officially made it to 25! I couldn’t have asked for a more fabulous birthday filled with greetings, gifts, friends, and of course love! Thank you everyone for coming out and I am a very lucky young man for having such lovely people in my life.

Everyone who reads this blog should know by now that this is my lovely partner in crime, Miss Samra (who by the way, I stole some pictures from because I was not coherent enough to take descent ones myself... Thank you, Xtine!)

We like glasses at my party.

"Victoria" made it out to dinner, and she had to give me a lesson on how to eat ribs properly!

She's giving me opulence! Trannies make everything more fun and they were far from hot messes! The performances during dinner were fun. Think Ru Paul's Drag Race when they lip-sync for their lives, except with 100000 times more fierceness.

Listen to Reggie in the backround... Hilarious!

Yummy! Couldn't end dinner without dessert, right?

My old college buddy Christian along with his lovely girlfriend. I was happy to see old and new friends make it out :).

Side note: I swear we're not into that back drop as much as we seem to be!

Smooches from Alaina.

Jay had too show me... it was my birthday!

The month of March has always been great, so this month has been no different. I've been pre-occupied all month, which I will definitely fill everyone up on soon. In the mean time, let's all enjoy the begining of spring :).

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Little [Boots] Fable

Once upon a time during a chilly Tuesday night, a young misses by the name of Little Boots made her way across the pond and ended up at the legendary Fillmore Theatre, where a crowd was waiting for her arrival.

As Little Boots took the stage, she awed the crowed with her tambourining, singing, key-tar playing, and ruffled top prom dress.

... And her audience was pleased indeed! One audience member in particular by the name of Zach discovered that she was going be at an after party at Triple Crown, so decided to make a quick journey to visit Miss Boots after the show.

The end.