Wednesday, July 23, 2014


I'm out that J-Townnnnn, coming coming downnnnn... I'm coming down, dripping candy on the grounndd. #BeyonceVoice

Spent the afternoon in Japan Town with Imelda the other day doing… uh… typical stuff people visiting Japan Town do? Like grab some snacks at Nippon Ya? Look inside Daiso for knick knacks we don’t need? Get boba from inside the Japanese mall? That’s what people do in Japan Town, right? Whatever. Honestly, I just wanted to grab a bite to eat and people watch by the pagoda outside in the square.

So I use to lovvveeee having lunch in Japan Town since my old job was located right across the street. It was just nice getting outside the office for a bit and get some fresh air. Guess the was another reason why I wanted to shoot some material for the blog here… I kinda miss doing that.

Pretty much ridic that I’m layering so much in the middle of July, no? There’s San Francisco weather for you. Lack of distinct seasons, and unpredictable brisk weather in the middle of summer. Oh well, still kawaii though. Ha, thanks Gwen Stefani for teaching me something during your L.A.M.B. days.

Photos by Imelda, over at Sunset Shutter Bug blog. Pictures taken on location at Japan Town.

By the way, if you’ve never had takoyaki balls before, you kind of need to add it to your list of foods to try out. They’re hella amazing. And pretty sure you can get them at any Japanese establishment. Till next time, Booshes.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Horror Flick

I rarely make it over the Golden Gate Bridge over to Marin, but when I do, it’s with my girl Imelda and we’re exploring abandoned creepy bunkers where I’m pretty sure a couple murders went down.

JAY-KAY. Except the part of rarely making it across to Marin, that part is true. Imelda mentioned that the Marin Headland Bunkers we’re pretty eerie and abandoned, so naturally we decided to trek across the Golden Gate Bridge and explore it like Dora and Diego. I mean, wouldn’t that be everyone’s first instinct to do so?

Holy shit, she was not lying. Not to mention there was a ghostly bed of fog that set over the Marin Hills, making me feel like my demise was coming any minute. Cause we all know the ethnic characters never survive in horror movies. 

I snagged these studded friendship bracelets a couple years during a quick trip to Los Angeles. I got them directly from PaolaLovesToShop herself, who makes 90’s inspired accessories that the girls from Clueless would totally wear. Who doesn’t love that movie??? Check out her shop for more fun accessories.

Photos by Imelda, over at Sunset Shutter Bug blog. Pictures taken on location at the Marin Headlands Bunkers. Worth checking out!

GLAD WE SURVIVED. Till next time, toddles y’all!


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Suede In July?

The other day I ended up taking an afternoon stroll with my girl Imelda over at Stern Grove in the Sunset District of San Francisco. We aimlessly followed a beaten path deep into the grove, not knowing where the hell we were going, since we’ve both never been… despite both of us living close to a decade here in the City. What can I say? I’m more of a downtown dwelling type of gal.

I snatched up this suede leather cobalt blue Levi’s jacket a couple weeks ago from the Levi's located downtown on Market Street. I've been actually eyeing this jacket since January, and low and behold, it went on sale a couple months after. WITH an additional 40% off the sale price... Oh whattttt! Don't be sleeping on my recessionista skills now.

I’ve been obsessed with this jacket for 2 reasons: 1) no disrespect to PETA, but I love leather jackets, and 2) the pop of electric blue gives me and any neutral outfit I wear it with some liveliness. Paired it up with some Jordan's, with the fear of people thinking I was Cripping and getting shot at if I were to pair them with some Chuck Taylors. Jay-kay. The Bloods vs. Crips rivalry is so mid 90's.

The Marc Jacobs bank bag portfolio really is a functioning bank bag. Only difference is mine isn't full of money :(. #stopbeingpoor #helpmeimpoor

Photos by Imelda over at Sunset Shutter Bug blog. Pictures taken on location at Stern Grove in the Sunset District.

For all you Bay Area readers, Stern Grove does a whole summer series of free concerts, running until the end of August. If you don't know, now you know! Check out THIS LINK for more details. Toodles, y'all!

Friday, July 4, 2014


"Hit the club, ordered bottles, see them sparks cupcakes in the sky… We’ll have this whole bitch lookin’ like the 4th of July" - Juelz Santana

Happy 4th, boys and girls! Whatever you’re doing to celebrate, enjoy the long weekend along with the rest of ‘Murrica! Toodles, y’all!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Snatch Up: Backpacks For No Class

It's honing on the end of June, which means summer is officially here, and class is officially out. Unless you were kiki'ing around to much during the entire school year and now your ass has to take summer classes. OOP.

Whatever the case is, here are a couple head turning backpacks you can wear on your way to your summer semester classes, or as a stand out accessory during sunny days around the city.

Junya Watanabe

WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie

Saint Laurent

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Just Cavalli by Roberto Cavalli
[photos via]


Sunday, May 25, 2014

On The Run

With the entire world going crazy over the announcement of the greatest tour concept in pop culture history (Exaggeration? Nah, not really), we have the Bey-Hive and Roc Nation dipping into their emergency Beyonce-funds to purchase these tickets for the kind of unexpected On The Run Tour this summer. Oh yeah, as well as dipping into their funds for a fresh new outfit for the concert. Stop playing like y'all ain't... I see your tweets on twitter. Here's what I may, or may not, be wearing when they head to San Francisco :).

I remember being a youngster in the early to mid 90's and having distressed denim be a thing. And now that history is repeating itself in fashion trends, it's currently a thing again. Case in point: don't throw away your old clothes! It'll come back. Now I'm just waiting for those Rocawear jerseys and Baby Phat velour suits to make a comeback. Remember those? Ha!

Photos by Imelda over at Sunset Shutter Bug blog. Pictures taken on location at Baker Beach bunkers.

If you've been following my blog long enough, you know I'm a total Stan for the Carter family, despite any recent ruckus with the Elevatorgate (er, Solangegate?) scandal in the media. Being from the East Coast and having an older brother into hip-hop, Jay-Z has always been a house hold name growing up. And Beyonce... I mean, who doesn't love our Lord and Savior in pop music Beysus Christ? Check out JayXBey's faux movie trailer for their upcoming tour.

[video via JAY Z's Life+Times youtube]

I can not wait for this concert! Do you guys think Beyonce will do a couple verses with Jay when he performs "Niggas In Paris"?


Monday, May 19, 2014

Danity Kane - #DKNoFilterTour

A couple days ago, Danity Kane released their newest single "Lemonade" and had the entire internet and hardcore DK lovers (and haters, with a sour look upon their face) in a frenzy... including yours truly! It's been about 5 years since we've heard anything new from the former bad girls of Bad Boy, and their new release is definitely going to be a banger just in time for the summer.

This song has  been on repeat through my speakers since its release! Dawn's slick little verse in the beginning, and the catchy chorus is evvveeerrrything. Young Money's Tyga also lays a verse down on the track. To top it all off, the song dedicated to all these thirsty ass girls (and boys too, I'm sure) who be looking hella sour... Fun, right??? 

And get into the Clipse's "Grindin'" sample though! #HOT. 

The girls are currently on their 13 city #DKNoFilterTour, which I got to attend on their opening date here in San Francisco at The Fillmore. Ahhh-mazing show, by the way! Aubrey, Aundrea, Dawn, and Shannon were amazing and definitely making a comeback for all you hip-pop fans.

Can't wait to see what other #showstopping music Danity Kane has in store.


Thursday, May 15, 2014

One Last Time

Before the summer's heat hits us harder then Solange going HAM on Jay in that whole elevator fiasco (you know you felt Jigga's pain from watching through the computer screen!!!), I took my B.Scott coat out for one last spin before putting it back in my closet till next season.

JAY-KAY. Y'all know damn well that summer is sometimes the coldest months in San Francisco. I'm sure I'll be taking this coat out again in July or something. #JUSTSAYING.

Photos by Imelda over at Sunset Shutter Bug blog Pictures taken on location in Potrero Hill.

On a semi related note: I got a chance to see Solange perform when I went to Coachella a couple weeks ago... She was ahhhhmazing! Actually, one of my favorite acts I've seen during my time there! (Trying to end this post on a positive note here)... Did it work? Ha!