Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Thank You, RiRi

Everyone PAUSE what you're doing and take a moment to visit Rihanna's twitter account. She recently gifted her #Navy a download link to her 8th studio album ANTI to her 55 million followers in the twitter-sphere. Thank you for the perfect hump day present, RiRi!

My thoughts? It's definitely a mature, moody, and mellow album. Didn't really go in the direction I was expecting it to, especially since the release of #BBHMM and the latest single, Work, that she released earlier today featuring Drake. Not much of a club banger, which we all love the Barbados Princess for, but I can definitely appreciate the "lets just get stoned and vibe with the music" type of feel this album have. And with a free download from Rihanna herself, who can complain? Download Rihanna's ANTI HERE


Saturday, January 16, 2016

Green On Greenery

Photos shot by Lakee, in his Secret Garden in the Mission. Check out his blog HERE.

"I'm back on the scene, my favorite color is green" - Lil' Kim. More specifically I like money green, just like my jacket. Shout out to Sherri at Serge-A-Lot on Ocean Ave in Ingleside for tagging my name on it.

First post of 2016, and I came back for you. Only my true Lil' Kim fans will understand that! But if you don't, here's the video for you guys. Happy 2016, y'all!


Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Remy Ma - Hands Down

Hands up if you're excited for more Remy Ma on this season of Love and Hip Hop New York

If not, then keep your hands down, just like her new song she released in time for the new season's premiere last Monday. It features Rick Ross and Yo Gotti. Can't wait to see more of Reminisce on this season, along with other music she may have going cooking up. 

Monday, December 21, 2015

360 Degree View

Photos by Imelda, taken at Grand View Park in The Sunset.

Sittin' on top of tha world, top of tha world, top of tha world, top of tha world. #BrandyVoice. Love the Golden Gate Bridge peeking through the hills.


Thursday, December 3, 2015

Loose Threads

Photos by Imelda, taken in SoMa.

My favorite find I got during my visit to NYC this past July at Opening Ceremony. It's all a front though. You know I'm way to much of an innocent cutie pie to be raising hell anywhere.


Sunday, November 8, 2015


Finally reunited with Imelda (from SunsetShutterBug) again. It's been almost an entire year since we linked up and taken pictures together, so it was only right that we'd spend an entire Saturday hanging out and catching each other up on this so called life. Much needed time with Imelda, for sure.

Photos taken by Imelda in SoMa.

You know those cheap ass t-shirts you find a souvenir shops that are like 2 for $15? Pretty much my souvenir when I took a spontaneous trip to NYfuckingC with my cousin over the summer. Best $7 I've spent this past summer.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Oldie, but goodie

Oh, hai! So my last post was in March. Really??? Life happens, I guess. Since turning 30, I started a new position about 3 months ago in the education field (I mentioned that I was looking for a career change, and I got it!), and I'm really enjoying my time at this new gig. Took a couple of trips to the East Coast to see my mom and other family members, and also took a trip to Mexico back in August. Besides that,  I've just been busy getting acclimated into my new role as an Enrollment Rep for this small college in the East Bay. Can't complain!

Halloween came and went, and we're officially in the holiday season now. And next thing you know, it'll be the end of 2015! So here's my attempt to finish off the year strong with a couple of posts I've had in store for, like, the longest time ever.

Photos taken @ the JEWseum in Downtown.

I honestly have no idea when these photos were taken, but all I know if I was packing some weight on here. I swear I shed a pound or 2 since these were taken. I love how clean black and white looks, and it's so easy to wear. Just threw a distressed denim jacket over myself to dress everything down, and so it wouldn't look like I was doing the most on this particular Sunday morning.

Speaking of doing the most, have you guys read that viral #ZolaAdventure story that was trending on Twitter. That entire story is the EPITOME of doing the most, and I loved every second of it. Should of been titled Zola's Ratchet Hoe-Venture in Miami. 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Birthday Suit

Its been a week since my 30th birthday on March 19th. I have to say, after the initial "OMG, I'm officially in my 30's" freak out, I've come to realize: Aaliyah was right, y'all... Age ain't nothing but a number! *unless you were 14 years old like she was when she got married, of course*.

I'm really excited to pursue and achieve new goals coming into this new decade. It's funny how turning 21, I had a perception of where I wanted to be in life by the time I got to this age. And now that I'm *AT* this age, my priorities and goals have definitely changed. I'm starting off my 30th year on a positive note and great energy, and I'm definitely excited for what this new decade has in store!

Had an UH-mazing birthday, by the way. Had a date with my city during the day, and then a date with my boyfriend at night. And then a date with some drag queens at the Starlight Room, after celebrating with my friends during Sunday brunch. What more could I have asked for? Here's to another 30!


Sunday, March 1, 2015

March 80's Baby

Pictures taken on location in the Inner Sunset.

It's officially March! We've been well into Pisces season (a.k.a. Fuck the rest of y'all seasons) but March is my birthday month, which lands on the 19th. Turning 30 years old in 19 days makes me both happy and bummed out. I still feel young at heart and in spirit, so exiting my 20's to enter a new box does make me kind of sad.

But on the other hand, my mentality has definitely matured over the years. I'm now at a point in my life where I want so much more for myself that I'm starting to work towards certain goals which I would like to accomplish coming into my 30th year. Funny how the older I get, the more motivated and ambitious I become. Wish I felt this way when I was turning 20... I would've been a millionaire chilling on a yacht with Bey, Jay, and Baby Blue right now or something. Oh well, let's hope that happens when I turn 40!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Snatch Up: He Pressing Me Like Button Downs On A Friday Night

Happy Friday! In celebration of TGIF's for everyone, here are some long sleeve button-downs to take into consideration for your Friday night excursions, whether you have someone pressing you, sweatin' you, or not even texting you. Either way, I think these are fly:

Band of Outsiders

Marc by Marc Jacobs


Thom Browne

Levi's Made and Crafted


Bottega Veneta

Junya Watanabe

[photos via]

I have to say, I own a bunch of white shirts in different variations, so it's only natural that I'm drawn to the Thom Browne up above. Clean, simple, and classic. Only problem is that I'm a total klutz, and always end up spilling on my shirts. Not the bizzness.